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Welcome to my Website!  The view above is from the 6,300' (~1920m) Sheep Mountain behind the house in eastern Wyoming.   If you look between the rocks in the center, you can see the alternative energy house on the right and the workshop on the left.  You can't see any other houses out there because there aren't any!  I built these structures over the course of about five years.  Lotsa blood, sweat, and tears during that time!  The buildings are located at about 5500' above sea level.  The mountain range on the horizon is the Laramie Range, with peaks above 8,500'.

About Me - A photo or two, and some blah-blah, all in the interest of good, old-fashioned narcissism.  

Alternative Energy House - I'm very proud of my home. I designed it myself and with my ex-wife built 95% of it too.  It's earth-bermed and both passive and active solar. It's built with many local materials, makes a low impact on the breathtaking scenery, and is ultra-efficient. 

Amateur Radio - I'm way too busy to be very active any more.  My callsign is KI7XH (just like the website...)  You can see and read about my station on this page.

Charlis' Page - As of April 25th, 2012, Puppy is gone from the world.  But he always loved keeping his own web page - many dogs do, so there!  He really worked on it himself!  Really.  Well, maybe not, but he CAN dry his own feet and you can see a movie of it here.  He was a wonderful companion and will leave a hole in many hearts forever.  I have two NEW rescue dogs in my life: Elsa-Mae and Minna-Muis.  They have a page too, OF COURSE!

Elsa-Mae and Minna-Muis - Elsa is a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) born in 2008, and Minna is a Aussie Shepherd / White Shepherd cross born in 2009 "or so".  They came to me after Charlis' passing.  I think he "encouraged" it.  I have a dog pack!  Yay!

Darrin's Stuff - Darrin likes all things mechanical.  Cars, bikes, Unimogs and trucks, tractors, etc...  He's not happy unless he's creating  something.  On Darrin's pages, you can learn about some of the things he's built or building.  

Hydroponic Greenhouse - An earth-bermed attached (via tunnel) greenhouse.  See the construction of the "pit" greenhouse here.  You can also follow the  progress of different home-brewed hydroponic systems.

Motorcycle Trips - I really enjoy motorcycling in Wyoming.  I'm not a cruiser or street bike guy.  I love wide-open dirt and gravel road touring on dual-sport bikes.  Here you'll find a few images and a WMV-format movie of biking Wyoming's back roads with my good friend Roger from Germany.

Travel Pages - There's only so much time to see the this astronomical speck of dust we call Planet Earth.  I've become more able to travel due to some ranch changes in 2009.  You can also visit my travel website, www.kalzbagon.com and the related travelblog, www.travelblog.kalzbagon.com 

Video Collection - Creating video is a really important and fun hobby for me.  Go here to see various productions including travel, ranch, and other miscellaneous short movies.  I've slacked off in the last couple years as my 2nd marriage began dissolving.  I just need a new traveling partner; doggies can't hold cameras!

Wyoming Scenery, Weather, Ranching, Family, Friends, & Misc. Photos - Here you'll find photographs of local scenery, the ranch, weather, the Northern Lights, and miscellaneous stuff...

Thanks for visiting my spot on the Internet.  I hope you find some stuff of use, or at least enjoyable to browse. Take Care!

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